Friday, October 12, 2012

I committed iPhoneslaughter.

It's true.

I took a chance and went out to dinner last night with some friends. A lovely woman on my street picked me up and whirled me and my crutches to Dos Reales on Prospect. It was really nice to be around a group of grown ups and be out of my house for a couple hours.

But it was longer than I had sat in a long time, so by the end of the night. I was happy, but tired and my bum foot was very, very swollen. I got home and sat on my couch for a while listening to my dad finish reading a chapter to X-man. Then he came down and we chatted a while. He called my stepmom and then I went to the stairs to hobble up them. I was really tired. I almost lost my balance three times. My good leg was wiped out.

I was thankful when I got to the top safe. And then I went to my room to put on my pajamas. I took off my boot and suddenly I had to pee.

I can't carry anything in my hands with crutches, so I used the back pocket of my stretchy workout pants. And when I was balancing on one foot and trying to lower my pants... it fell out and into the toilet water.

I snatched it out. dried it off and tried to turn it off, but the touch screen wouldn't work. Sigh. I put it on the back of the toilet, did my business. Then put it back in my pocket and crutched it into the bedroom. When my dad was off the phone, he brought me the container of rice to lay it on.

The good news is that MacTroll's old iPhone 4 downstairs that I can use. The bad news is -- I feel like an idiot.

Tired and imbalanced Looseys do not do well in the common sense department, I guess. On the plus side, I don't have to deal with Siri any more.

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~rachel~ said...

Um, people do that all the time. I think your whole- just had surgery, on crutches, hardly walk.." Is a pretty good excuse. I did it twice in college and no excuse except I dropped my phone in the toilet! :). Glad you're able to get around more! I'm sure it was nice to get out.