Thursday, May 3, 2012


It must be May, because I am suddenly a sneezing, itchy eyed mess. It started last night after mowing the front lawn (which had gone to seed in all the rain we've had).

I am allergic to seeding grass, usually only in the spring. I don't know why, but I have to get the Claritin-D in order to function without scratching out my eyes. It started when I was 16 and has continued into adulthood.

Lucky for me, I have to mow the back yard this morning.

I'm having the annual SWAP at my house this Saturday. I'm very excited. I miss seeing people. Sometimes I feel like all I do is go to work and take my child to his activities. Funny how having babies brought us all together, but then having grown up kids is separating us all apart.

I took the day off school today to catch up on stuff around the house. I also have to introduce a speaker at Rotary today at noon. Luke, our cat, looks like he's still losing weight to me. I tried to swap out the Science Diet Light we were eating that he has an allergy to (but enjoys eating). But he won't eat the new dry food -- only wet food.

So, I have to call the vet again and see what she says.

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