Friday, May 11, 2012

We Have Babies!

The other day Lily was in the front yard with MacTroll and I and she snuck behind our Black Lace bush in the garden. A bird flew out of it in a hurry and Lily went nuts. (She hates birds, but loves to chase them.) I thought, mmm, I should see if there's a nest out there.

Tonight, I went out to walk with my neighbor, G. On the way out, the bird flew out of the bush again. So I snuck over and looked. And there with beaks wide open were two baby robins. I showed them to X-man and MacTroll. And now we know to keep Lily out of the front yard.

In other news, the feline visitor upstairs now has a name. We've been calling her Sally, as in Sally Ride. She is a Maine Coon. She is very soft. She is very gentle. She's not very playful, though. More restful. I went up and laid with her tonight with my iPad and watched last night's Grey's Anatomy. Sally curled into my arm and purred. She's declawed in the front. I have contacted both the Champaign County Humane Society and Catsnap about what to do with her after her seven day period at our house (i.e. no one has reported her lost to animal control, answered our fliers or responded to my Craigslist post).

I've volunteered to pay for her vet care. So, I'll be calling Dr. Mary tomorrow to set up a visit next week.

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