Monday, May 28, 2012

It's Coming Together!

MacTroll and I headed out to Country Arbours on Saturday after dropping of X-man with my dad for their canoeing weekend in Starved Rock. (Well, actually they were canoeing at Rock Cut in Rockford, but it was an in-between place to do the exchange.)

We bought a birch tree that is going to be planted in our front yard on June 6. My dreams of having blueberries in that garden died when the bunnies decided to eat them all winter for three years in a row. :-)

We also replaced the Corlus bush and the dead hydrangea bush. And all the stuff is off the deck for the guys to come smash it up and fix it while we're in D.C. this week. Super Shanna is keeping an eye on the house for us, so she can turn the air conditioning off and on while they take it off and get rid of it and then pour the new concrete.

At least that's what's supposed to happen.

If it doesn't, we'll be contacting our lawyer. And, even though I have loved a lot of people who have become lawyers in my life, I hate having to deal with them in any actual real official capacity.

We'll be leaving the door to the basement propped open so that the cats can go down there to cool down. And I think I'll move Sally Ride down to the basement bedroom, so she's chill too. She is still maintaining her private suite. And I think she likes it that way. KTDID might have a friend interested in adopting her. If not, she'll go to CATSNAP sometime next week.

I also turned the basement closet under the stairs into X-man's dress up closet. I hung some 3M hooks on the walls to hang up all of his cool dress up hats. And there's a giant Rubbermaid box down there with all of his dress up outfits.

The beds are stripped. MacTroll and I had "clean sheet night" last night (which if you have animals, you understand). And X-man's are about to go into the washer.

My goal for this summer, and I know some of you who are super readers will laugh at this, is to read a book a week that is not a book I'm reading for my child. It's also to read the books I have on my bookshelves that I have never read before so that I can decide if we'll move with them, or if I should donate them to the library for them to sell.

This morning the puppy got us up in a crazed state. She needed dog time. So, we took her over to the dog park. She's transitioned from wrestle play to wanting to fetch tennis balls the entire time we're there. This is an interesting situation because Riley NEVER liked balls. He hated all things spherical. He did love fetching sticks out of lakes though. Part of me wants to take her over to the Colbert Lake and see how she does in the water. I'll need to be armed with a bunch of treats though, so she doesn't go far. Also unlike Riley, she is entirely food motivated.

Tomorrow is X-man's last hour and 15 minutes of kindergarten. I'm meeting Quigs for breakfast at Panera after we drop him off. Then, we're taking my car in for an oil change. Exciting stuff.

My hope is to take X-man to Sholem that afternoon as a family to celebrate summer. I even stopped by Target last night to arm my whiter than white husband and child with 50+ sunblock.

Then on Wednesday, we get up early and head to our first summer vacation in D.C./Baltimore-area.

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