Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today was a full day and very productive. The yard is mowed. I now have all the salsa garden planted. I just need to weed and plant the seeds for the melons that I'm trying and for the sweet corn.

I actually broke a metal hand-held weeding tool on something I was trying to dig up in the front yard. This weekend while X-man is with my Dad, we're going to go by Country Arbours and buy three trees. I want to replace the baby boy gingkos in the side yard that have only grown 1 foot in 5 years with taller trees. I'm also going to put a birch tree in the whale-shaped garden in front.

I also need to pick up two bushes. I was hoping for a dwarf lilac or something similar. I need to take out the Corlus bush that the Japanese Beatles killed last year and the spot I put the Hydrangea in the backyard was much too hot. So they're both up for replacing.

I also need to get some temporary fencing to go around the garden boxes to keep Lily out of them and enough to fill in the two large holes she's dug in the backyard in her youth, so I can fill them with grass seed and keep them protected from her going back to dig some more.

I also need to call Freak's friend about getting an estimate on painting my fence and front porch. And give someone a shout about power washing my house.

Even though I'm in an ankle brace for my crappy tendons, I still managed to take over 21,000 steps today and burn almost 6900 Nike Fuel.

My usual number (even with a fitness class) is around 4500 and 15,000 steps. So, I was on my feet a lot today. I can tell, because now that I'm off of my foot, it hurts. I swear I just took some Aleve an hour ago. It's not like I went to step class or anything!

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The Fearless Freak said...

They can power wash too. Ask them, when you set the appointment for the estimate.