Friday, May 18, 2012

Well, That's Something You Don't See Every Day

I walked out into my garage this a.m. to put some things for school in my car. And there banging it's head on the ceiling was a hummingbird.

A sparrow trapped in a garage -- sure. You see it all the time in the big box stores. But a hummingbird? How often does that happen?

Apparently, I'd left the garage door open all night. And I have no idea how long the little bird was out there (even though the big door was wide open). But my guess is he was out of brain power by the time I got out there, because I stood on a chair with a 5" wide fishing net and he landed on it. I got down and walked him out to the open air and he flew off.

Poor little dude. I hope he finds some food and fast!

In other news, Sally is awesome. She's 10-12 months old, spayed, front-declawed and FELV/FIV free. She also had a clean fecal exam so hooray! She goes back for a booster in two weeks and then she's off to CATSNAP.

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