Monday, May 14, 2012

Hodge Podge of Parenting Bits

Today, I started really trying to teach X-man to tie his shoes. I bought a book with two different colored laces to help with the instruction. I keyed up the Youtube video of other kids showing how to tie shoes (a suggestion that worked for one of X's friends who didn't want his Mom to help him). I then offered to show him how to do it. And he grabbed the laces from me, told me to go away, that he didn't want to look at the pages and he didn't want to watch the video because it made him feel bad. He was going to figure it out by himself.

As you can guess, that didn't workout too well.

Then came the explosive, "I can't do it!" "The hole keeps leaving!" "Get away from me!" (whenever I tried to help him.)

So I left him screaming and crying at not being able to do something fabulously the first time he tried.

He tried two more times, with no success. Sighed. Cried. Sighed again and then said. "I'll try again tomorrow."

And, of course, after talking about how he's a freak about learning to tie his shoes, I have to say that we got a letter (as I'm sure all kindergarteners in Unit 4 got) about them creating a first grade gifted class at Doc Howard. MacTroll asked if we wanted to nominate him. I wasn't really keen on the idea. I was in a self-contained gifted program 7-12th grades. And really, it just incited a lot of "us" versus "them" mentality that wasn't healthy. We were "gifted" they were "regular." Or they were "honors" regular, but certainly they weren't "gifted."

As a grown up, that whole situation totally freaks me out. MacTroll and I agreed that even if he had a spot in a gifted program, we wouldn't be changing his schools. So what would be the point?

Now I'm going outside to set up the sprinkler and play in the sandbox.

Nine more freaking days of school. Thank goodness.

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