Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hold it Together, Loosey

There are two days left to the school year at MMO. Yesterday, my first big segment of children said goodbye to me. I held it together, but I really almost cried when the Moms came up to me to say goodbye. I note my children's progress through photographs. It marks the moment they switch from an whole hand grip on paintbrushes and markers to using the three finger pencil hold. I put in their first attempts at tracing their names, when they ask to learn how to write them. I put in photos of them jumping, running, playing with their friends and other developmental milestones.

The first page of the binders is a handprint that I made last September that says, "This is the hand that you held when I was two."

And apparently, when the Moms got back to their cars and opened up the binder and saw the first page they started to cry. They're babies have most certainly become big kids over the last 9 months. It's a big deal that they trusted me to care and educate their children. It meant a lot to me. And I'll treasure them all.

But I know the worst day will be tomorrow. Out of all of the days that I teach, Friday has always been my favorite. I only have six students. They're all the "older" kids and for whatever reason their chemistry is insanely cohesive. They play as a group. They never fight. They're eager to learn. And they're all just -- very kind to each other all the time.

It'll also be the official end of the school year.

And then I go back to only being Mom. But I really loved my school year of being Ms. Loosey to my own class.

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