Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aqua Running it is

The podiatrist's initial evaluation is in. I've messed up my peroneal tendons on the lateral (outside) part of my foot. So, I'm in a corset ankle brace.

If the extra support doesn't help in the next three weeks, they're going to schedule me for an MRI. Fabulous.

I'm only allowed to walk, do the bike and swim. So I signed up today for the Tuesday morning Aqua Running class with Synergistic Effects and then I plan to get in some water classes at the Y instead of my usual favorites.

Luke's blood test came back that he has pancreatitis. I'm picking up his enzymes and anti-nausea shots today. Poor dude has me messing with him all day. I've got to pill him priolosec, put enzymes in wet food,   shoot him up and clean his yeast ridden ears and put in meds twice a day.

So, you know, it's good school is ending... so I can be Dr. Quinn all summer. :-)

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