Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the Way to Therapy...

X-man asked me, "Mommy, why at recess do the black kids only play with the black kids and the white kids only play with the white kids?"

"Who do you play with?" I answered.

"I like to play with everyone -- but that's not true for very many other kids."

"Does it happen in your class?"

"Sometimes, but it's better because Mrs. Dramado assigns the centers."

"Out of all of your teachers, which one do you like the best?"

"Mrs. Dramado."


"She didn't give us homework today." :-)

He was very good about leaving the gym today. And he was very good at t-ball practice. Today, MacTroll came back from his meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. He's home for the rest of the weekend. This is technically his only week home in the month of may, even though he was gone for two days of it.

Tomorrow, I took the day off. I think I'm going to hit the gym, then buy soil and compost and finally put together my box gardens. X-man has his kindergarten concert (he's very excited that he has friends who are actors in it) and then at 3 p.m., I'm taking Sally to the vet. I'm getting her shots and vet work done so I can get her ready to hand over to the Catsnap people who are hoping to have a foster home for her as of June 1. I also need to make an appointment for Luke. Even though he's stopped having diarrhea and vomiting, he doesn't appear to be eating as much. He is eating though. He eats wet food and dry food. I just think he's getting to skinny and it's reminding me of Nyssa and her cancer.

So, you know... I had a pet cancer filled 2011. I really hope it's not extending to 2012.


the sandwich life said...

I hope the pets are o.k. And're not fucking up anybody. I know I don't know you but I think you're a pretty wonderful parent. Sometimes I think you're way too hard on yourself I just want you to know that many people think you're doing a good's just not easy stuff, huh? And for what it's worth....I thought the ages 4-6 or 7 with my eldest were...uh...sometimes hellish....he's still a challenge--and always will be--but things are much easier.... Life isn't easy for those who care deeply....but I think it's what make people special too... If you ever want to talk or vent you can email me....

Looseyfur said...

I think the hard part is that when I see his anxiety, I see me -- as a kid. And I get that whether it was something that he got genetically or through watching my behaviors -- it's from me. And from that rises some tremendous guilt, because even though I got through it (for the most part), I don't have a really good idea of how to guide him through it. I guess that's why we have a behavioral therapist right? That's me, knowing I'm over my head and asking for help.

Thank you so much for your kind words, though. It means a lot.