Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dumping the Load

1. I joined the Y for the child care since my spouse is never around. I've been going to introductory Body Attack and Body Step classes since the middle of April. I did my first "double" of Intro to Body Attack and a full Body Pump session on Monday. I did a 45-minute walk on Tuesday night, went to Intro to Body Step on Wednesday, and then hit a full hour of Body Attack this a.m. I love it and I can't wait to exercise all summer. That said...

2. My right foot, that I broke, last fall, started hurting about three weeks ago. I went for a massage on my calves because all my work with tennis balls and icy water bottles and ibuprofen hasn't been helping and I'm pretty sure it's related to my degenerative disk disease. Because it's only on my right side. In fact, all of my pain is always on my right side. So, today, after Body Attack, I broke down and called Christie Podiatry. If my foot is broken again, I'm going to be very, very sad. But then again, I should probably haul my ass into Carle and let them test my vitamin D level again.

3. Concrete Solutions who poured my awesome back patio jacked up last summer and used shit concrete. They've been promising to make it right since pretty much a week after it was poured and haven't done so. They said they'd be here the week of April 30 to do it, but then it rained. It's now 17 days later, and I haven't heard from them, even though I contacted them. MacTroll gave an angry call to the owner, who blamed his manager for the Champaign area because he's moved on to the Indianapolis expansion. MacTroll explained that he was the owner and needed to make good on his promise to fix our patio -- and that he needed a firm date that they'd be here to start because this was unprofessional. He said it was going to cost him $6,000 to make it right. MacTroll re-emphasized that we paid $7,000 for the patio, and that we still didn't get what we paid for. I heard from the manager for Champaign that he'd be here the Tuesday after Memorial Day. If he's not... we'll be contacting a lawyer... which is going to cost them a lot more...

4. I ordered a book of photos that I take of X-man every year of his life. His 5-year book just arrived and it's got these weird white outlines around the photos like someone told the computer to "etch" around the outside. None of the photos in the book program indicated that they were low resolution and none of the pictures are pixelated. MacTroll and I think it's a printing error. I went to the help page at Apple, and under returns it says it wants to help me. But then it doesn't give me anyone to contact. So I hit the general "chat with customer service" and explain the problem. The guy takes a moment and looks it up in his little book and then tells me that he can't help with print issues and that I have to CALL a 1-800 number at Apple. Seriously? You're a high tech company and I have to call you. WTF?

5. I am in the dunk tank at the MMO carnival on Friday from 12-12:30. Adults who want to come can pay $3 for our playground fund for the chance to dunk me. And yes, I'll be in a swimsuit. :-) So I hope it's warm.

And, um, I think that's all that's making me want to smack my head against a brick wall today.

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