Monday, May 21, 2012

Massive Update

First, this is a cute photo. Luke, our cat who is losing weight like there is no tomorrow, is the one with the white face and white feet. He is 12 years old and blood work will come back today to give us, hopefully, some insight into his condition. In my gut, I think it's IBS or intestinal cancer. He's lost his appetite. The cat behind him is Clawdio, the cat no one ever sees. He's almost 15. He and Luke are usually at odds over the fact that Luke as a 15 lb cat is sometimes too rough with 8.5 lb Clawdio. But now that Luke's weight has come down to 12 lbs. and he's sick. Clawdio has no problems using Luke's butt as a pillow. But I'm feeling pretty helpless about Luke's condition. 

This is me with red hair. I didn't mean to get it this red, but I won a free cut and color and this is how it ended up. Thunder McGavin noticed right away at the pool on Sunday. His Mommy, Libbygirl, has the most awesome red hair. 

This is the view from the track from inside the YMCA. I got there a little early for Body Attack on Saturday morning, so I walked the track. I found the view kind of funny. In other places big windows usually show some kind of water view -- an ocean or a lake. We have a sea of dirt and baby corn. And ironically, it was nice to look off into the distance and not see -- people. It's one of the things I love about not being in a big city. I can do the same thing behind my house right now. I can just look and think -- no people. That's not going to be true by fall, I think (I've seen lots of trucks and curious cars pulling into the back 40). 

It's our last week of school around here. I got several student progress binders done this week. We save the ones for children who are returning to MMO next year so that teachers can add to them. But the ones for students who are leaving get their binders sent home.

I've got to do another 9 binders to get done before Thursday.

Other than that, today is a big day. Work, lunch, podiatry appointment, weigh in, Body Attack (if I'm not casted), T-ball, planting tomatoes, peppers and herbs and binders. I have to remember to call Mrs. Cahill and let her know I won't get to volunteer today because of my doctor's appointment.

MacTroll flew out again at 6 a.m. but we had fun going to dinner at Sun Singer and seeing the Avengers on Saturday night. We also stayed home and watched Morgan Spurlock's film on ComicCon on Friday night as a family. X-man really wants to go -- when he's old enough to wait in line. :-)

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